I'm writing small and secure free software, and need funding to keep doing it.

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skarnet.org is my life's project. The skalibs C library, the s6 supervision system, the mdevd device manager, are examples of software I claim is good: secure, efficient, maintainable, respecting the Unix philosophy, and using resources sparingly. I put a lot of effort and attention into them.

I would love to work full-time on them. I would love to bring us, among other things, the init system of the future, with a much better design that what we have today. Unfortunately, this is not possible, because I need to sustain myself. And so, I can only work on these projects in my free time - and it goes slowly. Very slowly.

Your donations would help reduce the amount of time I need to spend doing paid contracts, and increase the amount of time I can spend working on free software instead - fixing the Unix low-level userland ecosystem, one brick at a time. Thank you.

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