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We make UTOPIA for pleasure, and gladly share it with the hope that someone, somewhere, will enjoy listening. The DIY ethos runs deep through all aspects of the project, but there are non-trivial out-of-pocket expenses. Listeners who show their appreciation with donations will have a very real positive impact on our ability to produce better-quality episodes, and to release them more frequently.

In addition to the ongoing costs, we do have a shoot-for-the-moon aspiration which will require an investment: the construction of a sound-isolated workspace at Sawdust Studios.

Sawdust Studios takes its name from the sawmill across the street, which operates during business hours six days a week. The sounds of the saw, trucks, and heavy equipment do register audibly on recordings, so opportunities to record are limited. Having the ability to record at any time will be enormously helpful.

You can also help UTOPIA by contributing your talents in writing, acting, graphic design, technology, expanding our audience, and more. Contact us for more information!

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