Klaus J Zimmermann

Free Software blogger, PeerTuber, activist and amateur hacker

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kzimmermann blogs and makes videos about the importance of Free Software and Privacy in the digital world.

Hello, there! I'm Klaus Zimmermann, known as kzimmermann in the Fediverse.

I'm a long time Fedizen from the times of Quitter.se in 2014, and after taking a break from it in 2018, decided to get back in 2020. I blog about Free Software, with a focus on raising awareness of privacy and security in a digital world, and also write code in my free time.

Deciding to give back to the community in terms of content, I've started a Peertube channel dedicated to discussing all things Technology, Free Software, Security and Privacy, all while showcasing some GNU/Linux gameplay and a hands-on approach on how its software works:


I've also maintain a blog at the Tilde.town community, here:


My work is and always will be free to consume, share and remix (CC-BY-SA 4.0, GPL v3 or Public Domain). However, you can sponsor me to keep more work on raising Free Software awareness coming strong! Patrons' requests and wishes rank higher in my priorities of content-creation as well.

Happy Hacking!


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