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You like my work and for some good reason you like me enough to donate. And you can easily afford to. Contact me if you would like to receive a thank you gift.

In 2001 I was displaced from a well paid web development career. So I decided to start over and invested almost two decades in reverse engineering my lifestyle for self sufficiency and authenticity. During these years I developed an internet based workflow based on art, deaign and curating content in a decentralized manner. I have not made a steady income from this although I have a good network, skills and experience to aggregate now that am in stable circumstances.

I have I recently settled in to a normal living space with a rental lease and utilities to pay. I have a job now that I value, appreciate and am excited about. I took a pay cut. I seek to cover basic expenses and after that, pay for good marketing and some independent projects.

My goal is to make 1000 per week with liberpay.

Thank you for your support , it is much appreciated.

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