I am a hard working Short Video creator and a full time gamer

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I am into video creation and gaming since past eight years . Instead of opening a gaming channel of my own , I thought of something different. I provide other wishful creators my original gameplay which I don't share on any social media platform , so others can simply add their commentary or just edit it to provide hassle free quality content to their viewers. Recently I am facing problems with my work and need money to rent a small studio for creating content efficiently and production of new content. I will have to rent a studio until I get financially stable to build my own studio.

I also want to start a new Youtube channel to post unboxing videos and more . sponsors or the producers of the video will get 100 % credit in video ending. The funder will get time to time update of the usage of the profit gained from the channel . It will be used for either new creations or research and development. NO PRIVATE USE AT ALL

Guaranteed video every week after the launch of first video on upcoming channel. other Instagram account where I will update use of profit is @resdevinn with blue profile



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